By Gilbert Garcia   San Antonio Express- News

Let’s move on from the now-moot question of whether San Antonio should have submitted a bid for the 2020 Republican National Convention. That debate is so two-weeks-ago.

Let’s also temporarily put aside the important issue of whether Mayor Ron Nirenberg and the City Council violated either the spirit or the letter of the Texas Open Meetings Act by deciding against a convention bid behind closed doors. (The Express-News has filed a formal complaint with the Texas Attorney General’s Office over this issue.)

As the RNC bid debate slowly recedes into our collective rearview mirror, new questions have emerged: Was there a recording of that executive session? And, if not, what did the city do to document what happened?

The Open Meetings Act requires that all closed-door meetings by governmental bodies (with the exception of legal consultations from an attorney) be documented either with an audio recording or a certified agenda.

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