The second issue in ‘Action Plan SA’ is promoting pro-business Climate Policy.

As a man of faith and as a father, protecting our environment is important to me. More importantly it is important to our quality of life and our economy, but we cannot get there by shutting down some of our largest employers like Valero, NuStar, Boeing, and Toyota. Instead, we need to partner with these San Antonio companies and other good corporate citizens like HEB and USAA, as well as the military to do the things that science has already proven works.

Ron’s so-called plan will kill more than 20,000 local jobs if enacted. That’s why he keeps delaying the vote. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We need to take advantage of the billions of dollars in research others have paid for and see which programs make sense for San Antonio. The energy sector puts a lot of groceries onĀ  a lot of tables and pays a ton in school taxes and city taxes.

Let’s partner with them, not shut them down.

In his first 90 days as Mayor of San Antonio, Greg Brockhouse pledges to bring the following votes to City Council:


Brockhouse pledges to lead an effort in the first 90 days to ask the City Council to commit to plant 10,000 trees in his first year as mayor. Studies overwhelmingly show that increasing our tree canopy helps clean the air and reduce ground temperatures as much as 2.6 degrees Fahrenheit.


Direct CPS and SAWS to expand incentive programs that encourage conservation. This includes focusing on expansion of renewable energy programs such as community solar projects.


Brockhouse will disband any study committees and we will assemble a 30-day working group that includes representatives from SAWS, CPS Energy, the conservation community, and the energy sector to bring to City Council best practices from around the country and implement them in San Antonio.