by Darian Trotter     Fox 29 San Antonio

A plan to put more military veterans and spouses to work will also help build a stronger economy.

The City of San Antonio has dedicated funds in the newly approved 2019 budget to make improving military employment a leading goal.

For Erin Kaberline, life is good.

Her husband is “active duty” and she runs her own business; and still has plenty of time to spend with her girls.

But finding work wasn’t always easy for this military spouse and others like her.

“A lot of the challenges we face here are that military spouse resumes don’t look like a typical resume,” Kaberline said.

Moving city to city is one of the greatest challenges.

Because the military spouse unemployment rate in San Antonio stands at 18-percent, city council dedicated $150,000 in the 2019 budget to help them find work.

“If we’re not standing up for spouse employment then who is right, so we have to take the charge,” said District 6 Councilman Greg Brockhouse.

The city plans to bring together a group of local organizations to develop a strategy.

Kaberline is a volunteer with “hiring our heroes.”

“Our goal is to start helping these spouses build their professional networks,” Kaberline said.

She says some military spouses are simply overwhelmed.

“So they have a hard time, they apply for jobs and they’re in a sea of 500 applicants and their resume doesn’t look like everybody else’s resume,” Kaberline said. “So they need the business connections they need the professional connections to help them better understand what the climate looks like here.”

“If my spouse is working it relieves so much pressure on me as a person trying to do my job and defend my country,” Brockhouse said.

Councilman Greg Brockhouse is leading the charge, and says it’s personal to him, because of his military background.

“I think about the hundreds of thousands of people in our community who have served or know someone who’s serving ..that would want to see this happening,” Brockhouse said.

City leaders will take the next 90-days to fully develop the program.

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