by Darian Trotter    News 4 San Antonio


SAN ANTONIO – A local non-profit that feeds the homeless is fighting for funding from the city. The application for St. Vinny’s Bistro San Antonio was recently denied. News 4 San Antonio looked into why the organization is not giving up.

Feeding the homeless has been the focus of St. Vinny’s Bistro for the past eight years.

“That includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and our operation runs 365 days a year,” said Executive Chef Lorris Gibson.

The non-profit relies heavily on volunteers and grants.

This year the Society of St. Vincent De Paul applied for $250-thousand dollars in funding from the City of San Antonio, but the request was been denied.

“Very disappointed, especially for a need that is so critical,” Gibson said. “Very disappointed.”

“There’s no greater need in our city than feeding people,” said District 6 Councilman Greg Brockhouse.

From the courtyard of Haven for Hope, the bistro serves more than 33-thousand meals a month.

“I’m asking questions,” Brockhouse said. “I’m going to reach out find out why they didn’t qualify for funding in the first place if there’s something that needs to change so that we give them an opportunity now then we need to look at that.”

City leaders say next year’s budget allocates $10.2 million for homeless services, including $7.9 million for Haven for Hope, its partners and meals.

St. Vinny’s Bistro San Antonio is not one of those partners.

Bistro leaders say none of that money helps fund the independent outreach and this was the second time they’ve applied for help from the city and been denied.

“That’s something I want to support,” Brockhouse said.

Councilman Greg Brockhouse is advocating for the non-profit and hopes his collegues will reconsider.

“I don’t care where the money comes from at this point whether it’s bond dollars, whether we’re spending it on streets and sidewalks if it’s general fund money if it’s delegate agency money,” Brockhouse said. “The best thing that we can do is put the money into basic services where it matters most.”

Leaders with St. Vinny’s Bistro are asking members of the public to reach out to city leaders in a show of support.

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