By Kens5 News

The city charter changes will cap the salary and term limits of future city managers, as well as amend how contract disputes are resolved.

SAN ANTONIO — Two days after San Antonio voted to pass two of three charter propositions backed by the city’s firefighter union, a prominent union supporter on Thursday emphasized the important of looking onward.

“What this now needs to be about is about the future, about how these things are going to be implemented,” said District 6 City Councilor Greg Brockhouse. “Listening to the public, listening to the will of the vote and then turning around and making changes that are meaningful and impactful to the residents of this community.”

The results of Tuesday’s election means there will be rule changes regarding the hiring, pay and term length for future city managers. Also, contract disputes between the city and Professional Firefighters Association will now have to be resolved in binding arbitration—meaning a third party would be involved.

But while Propositions B and C passed, Proposition A didn’t; it would have provided more flexibility to those working to collect signatures for petitions.

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