by Zack Hedrick, News 4 San Antonio

Right now, Haven for Hope CEO Kenny Wilson says more than 1,700 people are living at their shelters.

Wilson says there are just as many reasons why a person or family can no longer keep a roof over their head.

“They say, ‘I lost my house. I lost my job,’” said Wilson. “Sometimes they say I’m going to be homeless unless I can get my electricity turned back on.”

While Wilson and his staff care for the people here, he’s worried about the people who aren’t.

An initiative by District 6 councilman Greg Brockhouse hopes to bridge that gap.

The plan is for churches and other faith-based organizations in the district to get on the same page.

“There are so many churches and so many groups doing things a lot of times they don’t know even within a council district how much they’re doing or what things they can offer,” said Brockhouse.

The result is a resource catalog that will help the homeless, or those on the verge of being homeless, get pointed in the right direction.

“When we brought them all together what it really became is well I can work with you and we can share these resources,” said Brockhouse.

A digital version of this will be available soon.

District 6 staff says the physical copies of the binders will be available at churches, senior centers, and libraries.

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