Public Safety

We must keep our neighborhoods safe for our children and families. If we can’t walk out in our communities and feel safe than City Hall isn’t doing their job. Public Safety is the number one job of local government. Here is where I will focus:

  1. We must fully fund our police and fire departments. No more games with pay and benefits. We get what we pay for and we must recruit and retain the best police officers and firefighters we can afford.
  2. We must reduce crime neighborhood by neighborhood. Each one of the District 6 neighborhoods has different issues with crime. Some suffer from burglaries, some drugs, others violent crime. We have to work with SAPD and our SAFFE officers who are policing our communities to meet the needs of each neighborhood. We must focus on what matters most and eliminate crime and hold the criminals accountable.
  3. We must reduce our Fire response times with the right staffing, right technology, and right equipment. Seconds matter and I will focus on working with the SAFD to reduce response times to save lives and property.

Streets and Sidewalks

Basic City services are not being met across our City. In District 6 that means some neighborhoods need a back to basics focus on streets and sidewalks. Here is where I will focus:

  1. We must catalog each neighborhood’s need and that means knowing the status of every street and sidewalk need in District 6.
  2. We must ask the neighborhoods what’s most important to them. Elected officials and City Staff may have their thoughts about what needs to be done, but we must listen to those living in the neighborhoods first and follow their lead.
  3. We must utilize every tax dollar to its fullest potential. Streets and sidewalks are a basic City service. It’s a top priority. Our children and families depend on the ability to walk and travel to work and school. Streets and sidewalks must be in good repair, funded, and where needed fixed and installed.

Neighborhood Improvements

Our neighborhoods are the most important aspect of our City. Its where our residents live. Its where they call home for their children and families. All Elected Officials and City Staff must listen to the neighborhoods first. Here is what will be important to our team:

  1. We will listen to what each neighborhood wants and deliver it. Each community has its own needs. We must listen and never judge what’s most important to each neighborhood.
  2. We will catalogue the needs of each neighborhood by order of importance to them. Then we go to work at City Hall to deliver those needs.
  3. We must help neighborhood associations grow and develop. We should support each neighborhood association and help them build their strength and attendance. An involved neighborhood is a strong neighborhood.

Jobs and Education

Jobs and Education go hand in hand. As a community and a City one of our top priorities should be creating job opportunities for our citizens and an education and learning mindset in our Districts. To do so, we should:

  1. Work hand in hand with our school districts to build opportunities for our students. If a school needs a sidewalk, we deliver it. If they need funding or assistance for special programs, we help. If they need safety and security, we partner. Our children deserve our best and we must help our schools educate and grow our future families, leaders, and parents.
  2. We should target businesses and corporations for District 6, large and small. More jobs equals more opportunity. Higher wages help families grow and prosper.
  3. We must partner with small businesses and make the door to business ownership open for as many people as we can in District 6.
  4. We should also be making it easier for businesses to relocate and offer great jobs. That means selling what’s great about District 6 and offering a partnership to employers to pay good wages and offer long term job security for our residents.

Customer Service First Mentality

The District 6 Council seat belongs to the citizens. The Council office must be responsive and a team of listeners. To do this, the Council office must:

  1. Answer all correspondence within 24 hours. If the Council office doesn’t have an answer, they can still contact the citizen within 24 hours and let them know they are working on their issue.
  2. Attend all neighborhood meetings, take notes, be professional, and follow up. The Council staff works for the people and they are the bosses.
  3. Work with a servant’s heart. The Council staff should stay humble and work hard for the residents of District 6.

Caring for Our Seniors

We must always remember who raised us, who helped to build our community before us, and who will offer us their wisdom and support as we grow. We must always remember our Senior Citizens. As a community, we should:

  1. Ensure our Seniors have close and immediate access to Senior Centers and all services to help them live an engaged and active lifestyle.
  2. The City has moved to consolidating to Senior “Super” Centers, however, their location can make travel for Seniors difficult. We should examine the Senior Super Centers and who they are leaving out due to transportation issues.
  3. Convene a group of District 6 Seniors to advise the new Council member on key Senior issues. Seniors deserve a key voice in policy making.

One San Antonio

The role of the District 6 Council member will be to serve District 6 first and foremost. However, we are all part of One San Antonio.  And we must work together to create and implement the best policy possible to protect our community. With that in mind, I pledge to:

  1. Always put District 6 first.  If I am blessed to be elected, I will always remember who put me in office. I will always think about our District 6 community first and work hard to fight for what’s important to our home.
  2. We must also realize we are part of an entire, diverse, City. We must work together with fellow Districts to protect our future and pass policy initiatives that promote growth and stability for San Antonio.