public safety in district 6Public Safety

We must keep our neighborhoods safe for our children and families. If we can’t walk out in our communities and feel safe than City Hall isn’t doing their job. Public Safety is the number one job of local government. Here is where we will focus: Read More>


Improving streets and sidewalks in district 6Streets and Sidewalks

Basic City services are not being met across our City. In District 6 that means some neighborhoods need a back to basics focus on streets and sidewalks. Here is where we will focus: Read More>


neighborhood improvements for district 6Neighborhood Improvements

Our neighborhoods are the most important aspect of our City. Its where our residents live. Its where they call home for their children and families. All Elected Officials and City Staff must listen to the neighborhoods first. Here is what will be important to us: Read More>


jobs and education in district 6Jobs and Education

Jobs and Education go hand in hand. As a community and a City one of our top priorities should be creating job opportunities for our citizens and an education and learning mindset in our Districts. To do so, we should: Read More>


Greg Brockhouse has a customer service mentality for District 6Customer Service First Mentality

The District 6 Council seat belongs to the citizens.  The Council office must be responsive and a team of listeners.  To do this, the Council office must: Read More> blueline

Greg Brockhouse cares for senior citizens in District 6Caring for Our Seniors

We must always remember who raised us, who helped to build our community before us, and who will offer us their wisdom and support as we grow. We must always remember our Senior Citizens. As a community, we should: Read More> blueline

San AntonioOne San Antonio

The role of the District 6 Council member will be to serve District 6 first and foremost. However, we are all part of One San Antonio. And we must work together to create and implement the best policy possible to protect our community. With that in mind, we pledge to: Read More>blueline